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3D scan of civil war era button.

Scanned by Alex Nyers

Projectile point knapped by Dr. Loren Davis and scanned by Alex Nyers.

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Here at Northwest Archaeometrics, we are passionate about making technology serve you, not the other way around. We have experience in a wide variety of different areas, including 3D scanning and printing, morphometric analyses, archaeological site modelling, inventory and workflow management, automatic debitage analysis, and more. We specialize in archaeologically related projects, but are happy to help you no matter your discipline. 

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Need help trying to integrate technologies into your excavations or laboratory work? Got a device sitting in a back closet that is collecting dust? Want to 3D scan an artifact or collection, or analyze morphometric data from your 3D data? We can help!

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Northwest Archaeometrics was established in the spring of 2015 by Alex Nyers. Our mission is to make exciting new technologies available to you in your research, without breaking the bank. Click the button below to read more.